20 DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

20 DIY Halloween Kid's Costumes

Eek!! Halloween is just around the corner!  I still have some sewing left to do on Dean’s dragon costume then it will be finished!  I love making his costumes and I love even more to make them out of those little matching sweatsuit/hoodies you can find at Wal-mart.

I get to customize his costume, I know he will be warm enough and he can still wear the hoodie after Halloween.

I know it won’t be long before he is begging me to let him be a Power Ranger or Ninja Turtle so I am savoring these years where I can still dress him in something cute!

Making your own kids costume is often cheaper and always cuter!  Don’t worry if your sewing skills are lacking because you can whip up costumes without pulling out a sewing machine!  I started to sew Dean’s costume last year, ran out of time and busted out the hot glue gun and it came out perfect!

(He didn’t want to wear his hood up…or stand still for pictures, so I got like no good pictures of the costume lol, but he was a puppy)

DSCF4771 DSCF4816

This year for his dragon costume, I got a gray sweatsuit with a hoodie and bought an extra pair of pants to make the dragon tail.  I got green chevron fabric for the dragon spikes.  I can’t wait to finish it!!

I dug up 20 DIY Halloween costumes for your kiddos that I thought were super cute!  They all look really easy and adorable!

So if you need a little costume inspiration this year I hope this list helps!!

49cc67ee8f6dd0294dedcb6b869bbcf4Dean would love this Road Trip Costume from Spoonful.com

214720caf3a8678a3228321d78597bd1Cuteness overload with this Strongman Costume from Oh Happy Day

eb79b49602ba033af9135db4aaddf144Cookie Cutie Costume from Spoonful.com

deb10794173695f921d7b20efc9f11c7This Peacock Costume from The Train To Crazy is stunning!

55e9208f19be333be0b0a4f9bc2e810bAdorable Little Miss Sunshine Costume from Real Simple

e171b7332f233e9caaf77b8e8427af7fGreat Shark Costume from Fiskars.com

828e4325088f046f213899d918cb6af1Such a gorgeous Bird Costume from Llevo El Invierno

5ac8a2d7de417ce0a0b76b4d4846096fOf course I adore this Moose Costume from House of Paint!

5e7ca59ef26239b9785671a285ff7c80What a great

e052af6c2eb752719ec2400fb7c40d1fSuch a cute Unicorn Costume from Spoonful.com

4a83a734ae4551aff10d2feb96320ef2Adorable Paper Doll Costume from Spoonful.com

fa02fa40c2e95bd5a62fd528f9f0a37b Genius Octopus Costume from Spoonful.com69879dc63a7679a0209ad30907cb0e50Love this Pick of the Litter Costume from Spoonful.com

ce21f84962292f904a41aaa6d68d58cdSo awesome Incredible Hulk Baby Costume from Kadydid Designs

84ffbbafbfe527665ea1a86671a9ae94I am in love with this Pig in a Blanket costume from Babble!

93cca1f65982f07a02cbb133f8c4f4d8This Rain Cloud Costume from You & Mie is just too cute!

64e1bb53cdac6ddd064750ce4a54f0c9 Love this Nurse Costume from Sew Deliciousd5bfd97916777b1c2b80a970df68119fHow cute are these Knights In Training Costumes from MerMag?

90894af0b8af6aa349636a66a3c77fb0Awesome Dino Hoodie from See Vanessa Craft

Cow Costume

Adorable Cow Costume from Domestic Adventure

Hope you got some ideas from this list!!  What are your kids dressing up as this Halloween?

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